Embrace your Innerfire, Exmouth Retreat


Yoga – Meditation – Ocean Bliss

Inner Fire Workshop – and much more!


Immerse yourself in a weekend of self-discovery where we nurture intuition and strength with the goal of embracing our inner fire through the practice of yoga, meditation, a meaningful workshop and Ayurvedic food. The Ayurvedic component is designed to stoke your digestive fire, not just on a metaphysical level but also on a physical level.

Inner Fire

Inner Fire plays a big role in the yoga tradition. It not only relates to Tapas or the fire of self discipline, that helps us burn through any obstacles to achieve our goals, but also relates to other forms of agni or fire within us – such as Jathara Agni, our digestive fire, and Bhuta Agni (or Ghost Fire) which is said to break down the density of the lower three chakras, allowing us to develop more courage, will and determination.


Throughout this weekend, we will work on building more Jathara and Bhuta Agni through delicious Ayurvedic meals designed to create sustainable digestive fire, and through specific yoga practices for building our inner power – to create more of what we need to realize our desires and our dream life. By ensuring both these inner fires are alight, our self discipline or Tapas will automatically be strengthened, and our courage and willpower increased.

This retreat includes:

-Accommodation: You will be staying in a beautiful Airbnb at the Marina of Exmouth located 2 kms from Inhala Yoga Studio and 3,4 kms away from the center of the town. Rooms will be shared between two people.

-Food: We will provide daily breakfast, midday treats and abundant lunch in collaboration with our local restaurants

-Daily yoga classes at Inhala Yoga Studio and beachside by the ocean, guided by Maria Jose Buzeta and Cassandra Pickel

-Inner Fire Workshop by Cassandra Pickel

– Opening cacao ceremony and much more!

Daily program:

Day 1

12pm Meet at the the airbnb

1pm Welcome lunch

3-5pm Welcoming circle, cacao ceremony and journalism

6:30pm Yin Yoga by Maria to integrate the cacao and grounding, preparing you for a relaxing evening.

8pm Dinner

Day 2

7am Sunrise – Awakening Yoga practice, activate agni tantric fire practice by Cass

8:30am Breakfast

11 am Beach time, pranayama, relax, connect with nature

12:30pm Lunch by the ocean

Free / Exploring time

3pm Discovering and embracing our Inner fire workshop

5pm Yin Yoga and Nidra, collaborative by Cass and Maria

6:30pm Dinner

Day 3

Sunrise – Awakening Vinyasa Yoga practice by Maria

8:30am Breakfast by the ocean

Final meditation and closing circle by the the ocean aswell

11pm Check out

*Schedule can be changed to suit weather

**Deposit will be refundable until 60 days prior to the start of the retreat

***If you are unable to get to our town due to any COVID-19 last minute changes less than 30 days prior to the start of the retreat, we offer the option of rescheduling to our next available date.

Upcoming retreat dates:

-June 18th – 20th

*For groups of 6 people, this retreat could be customized for you: just email us at hello@inhalayogastudio.com.au


About Us


Cassandra Pickel

Adelaide, South Australia

Founder of Inner Power Yoga


“Yoga has been my path now for around 25 years and it’s changed me in ways I never expected.

When I first came to yoga I was a full on gym junkie dabbling in Tibetan Buddhism. I was also pretty angry and messed up. Then one day I read an article about Ashtanga Yoga and this teacher, Graeme Northfield, who had healed himself physically and emotionally through it. The combination of a strong physical practice and spirituality intrigued and inspired me, so when I moved to Brisbane I looked up Ashtanga classes and found that Graeme taught in my area. He was one of the first certified Ashtanga Teachers in Australia, and along with Iain Clarke whom he mentored, I began my journey into yoga and my own healing.

I practiced Ashtanga exclusively for 10 years, and it then began to evolve towards Hatha Yoga. I decided to take my Yoga Teacher Training after 18 years of practice and focus on Traditional Hatha Yoga. I completed a 500hr training with VIYETT in 2015, and have since then completed a 50hr Tantric Hatha training with The Practice Bali and are working through the ParaYoga Master Trainings studying with Yogarupa Rod Stryker. To date, I have completed a further 200hrs with more to come.

To me teaching yoga is less about the physical practice and more about the underpinning philosophy and subtler aspects of the Tradition. I’m passionate about life, in particular in leading an authentic, fulfilling and empowered life, and it is this that I wish to pass on to others. As the Tantrics say, life is a gift from the Divine and I believe we owe it to ourselves and the world to shine our light and our uniqueness.

Learn more about Cassandra and Inner Power Yoga clicking here, https://www.innerpoweryogaaustralia.com/

Maria Jose Buzeta

Santiago, Chile

Founder of Inhala Yoga Studio


Yoga is a way of life, for myself as well as others. My true passion for this practice resides in sharing what it means to me; a dedicated space in our day that calls us to be present, balanced and connected. Cherishing my home, my body, accepting my flaws and embracing my positive synergy, yoga gives meaning to every step I take. Inhala Yoga Studio opened its doors to welcome equally every person in the search of calm, connection and wellness. Our retreats take Inhala outside the studio, letting you enjoy our little piece of paradise located in the heart of the Ningaloo Reef. I hope to meet and share this all with you soon”.