Freediving & Yoga Retreat

“Breath is the King of mind” – B.K.S. Iyengar

Warming up your body with daily pranayama and yoga classes, get ready to deepen the power of your mind and breath while enrolling to your Freediving Level 1:

This course sets the foundation of knowledge and technique to freediving. By learning proper breathing methods, safety and technique you will develop the necessary skills to train your body to be more efficient with oxygen and learn skills to take your freediving to the next level. Through the yoga aspect of a Salty Hearts course, you will connect to your breath while also gaining muscle flexibility. Diving to depths of 20 metres. When you book a Freediving course you will be given access to the RAID online training to learn at your own pace however in class we go over theory in all aspects of Freediving to ensure the knowledge starts to sink in. Also, focus on Equalisation practice in the classroom. The goal for this level is 10 metres.

There are some skills to practice from there, to develop comfort in the water, like practicing rescue scenarios. If everything is feeling comfortable we practice depth, you would be surprised how that just happens once we have worked on our equalisation. In this course you can dive up to 20m however at Salty Hearts we coach you more on comfort and technique and you will be surprised the depth just happens. Always keeping in mind numbers don’t mean as much as how good it can feel.

We will start every day with mindful practices of Vinyasa yoga aiming to activate your body, release tension and revitalize your mind setting you up for the freediving adventure, during the afternoons we will wind down and ground ourselves through some Yin Yoga processing all the underwater emotions captivated during the course and slowly calm our muscles, fascia and minds saving our energy for the next day This exclusive retreat includes accommodation and food, you will be staying in one of the beautiful houses located in the marina of the town, rooms will be shared between 2 people.

This retreat includes:

-Accommodation: You will be staying in a beautiful Airbnb at the Marina of Exmouth with direct access to the jetty where the boat is going to pick us up located 2 kms from Inhala Yoga Studio and 3,4 kms away from the center of the town. Rooms will be shared between two people.

-Food: We will provide daily breakfast, midday treats, afternoon tea and abundant dinner in collaboration with our local coffee shop The Social Society, it also includes one dinner at Froth Craft Brewery on our last night

-Daily yoga classes at Inhala Yoga Studio by owner and instructor, Maria Jose Buzeta

-Freediving level 1, by instructor Kyra Andrijich, owner of Salty Hearts Freediving & certified by RAID.

Daily program:

Day 1

12pm meet at Airbnb, lunch and beginning of Freediving theory

Yin Yoga at Inhala Yoga Studio


Day 2

AM – Breath Workshop, Pranayama Yoga, for our lungs, body and mind.


In-depth classroom theory on Physiology, technique, safety, Equalization workshop, dry breathwork and Holds

PM – Pool / Confined Water Sessions. Over two sessions we work on Static breath holds (more for comfort and getting used to the technique rather than for time)
Dynamic swimming to work on technique and streamlining.
Rescues, getting comfortable and understanding with rescue techniques in the pool for a variety of situations.


Restorative Yoga at Inhala Yoga Studio


Day 3

 AM – Awakening Vinyasa Yoga at Inhala Yoga Studio.

Further theory, Breakfast

PM – Afternoon boat session. The First session on the line to familiarize ourselves and practice Equalization, technique, and comfort.


Restorative Yoga at Inhala Yoga Studio


Day 4

AM – Vinyasa short session Yoga for activation and boat session on the line again for some skills, bottom time, perhaps depth. after the line session, we will go to a pristine reef, chosen on the day to suit conditions, for a “fun” freedive, to put everything we learnt into practice.

PM – Come back off the boat and finish sign-offs.


Restorative Yoga at Inhala Yoga Studio

Dinner at Froth Craft Brewery

Day 5

AM – Vinyasa Yoga at Inhala Yoga Studio and breakfast

11AM, Time to say goodbye!


For more information about Salty Hearts Freediving,

*Accomodation and all meals included

**Schedule can be changed to suit weather

***Deposit will be refundable until 60 days prior to the start of the retreat

Available dates:

August 12th – 16th – SOLD OUT

August 18th – 22th

For groups of 6 people, this retreat could be customized for you: just email us at


About Us

Kyra Andrijich

Perth, Australia

Founder of Salty Hearts Freediving School


“My obsession with water started from an early age, with my childhood memories all revolving around being immersed and exploring the pristine Western Australian coastline, with most of my waking moments being spent in the water or around it. I feel like I have come along way in Freediving, from something that started as a passion and now constantly evolving as a professional Freediver. I spent many years in Asia, teaching, training and evolving my craft to creating Freediving Instructors.
My philosophy on freediving may seem pretty cliche’ however once the ocean casts it spell on you, it is hard not to get caught up in it, Lost in moments without time, Something of pure presence.
Breathing techniques and Pranayama specifically hold a special place in my heart, something we do naturally every moment of our lives, something we have the power to tap in to and gain so many benefits from. 

Without ranting any more, freediving is what I am most passionate about, What fills me with happiness, therefore to be able to spread that, create and share safety, knowledge and technique is just a bonus to me! Come join me.

Learn more about Salty Hearts here,

Maria Jose Buzeta

Santiago, Chile

Founder of Inhala Yoga Studio


“I would define my yoga journey by B.K.S. Iyengar’s quote, “Yoga does not just change the way we see things, it transforms the person who sees.” After many years of casually practicing yoga, at the age of 25 I finally connected with the real meaning that yoga had for me, a practice that would teach me how to be present, balanced and connected with myself while nourishing my body and calming my mind, it would also teach me how to love and accept the raw version of me, just the way I am.

In 2016 my travels led me to Australia and then Bali where I did my first teacher training, discovering that I wanted to share this practice… but I wasn’t yet ready to return home. I moved to Australia and found this little paradise, Exmouth. My love grew for the ocean, the abundant wildlife and the relaxed pace of life, so I decided that this was the place to fulfill my dream: opening a yoga studio.

While focused on furthering my knowledge as a student and teacher, life guided me to progress my studies in India. This venture fueled my passion and inspiration for this practice as a way of life and helped me open Inhala Yoga Studio in April 2019.

Along with an amazing group of human beings, who have helped me unconditionally and been by my side the entire way, we have created this space that teaches me there is no limit to learning, growing and loving every single day.”