Full Moon Fire Ceremony


About the Full Moon Fire Ceremony

“A Fire ceremony is one of the core ceremonies in many ancient traditions. It is typically held around the full or new moon of each month when the veils between the worlds are the thinnest. Fire allows for rapid transformation. It provides the avenue to let go of the old story and drama, to transform, to renew and to be reborn.

Through fire ceremony, you honour your lessons and old belief structures by placing them in the fire and turning them over to Spirit. By releasing these old patterns and beliefs into the fire, you heal deeply at the level of the soul without having to experience them at the literal and physical levels.

Fire ceremony allows us to source from our soul. Whenever you feel blocked or stuck, or you are working on what you want to dream into your life, fire is an incredible tool to help you change and shift. By releasing these unwanted energies and old patterns into the fire, you are healing at the soul level.

Come with an intention to the fire ceremony. It can be a drawing, artwork or write your intentions on a piece of paper with that what you want to release. Some people prefer to draw or make art for what they are releasing, it doesn’t matter in which form, your intention is what counts. Be clear on what you want to let go off to make space for new things to come into your life.

In Inka, Hopi, Tibetan, Mayan, and other indigenous societies throughout the world, the elders carry on the tradition of gathering around a fire when the moon is full and dreaming of a world that they’d want their children’s children to inherit. On that evening, they quietly arrive in a circle of dreamers, knowing that while what they have to offer is just a tiny piece of the larger puzzle, it’s important that they show up with love and intent and participate in the dreaming process.”

Remember to bring a pen and paper, bottle of water, comfortable camping chair and warm clothes!